Scrosoppi 1-1 Woodbridge: Report – League1 Premier – May 18, 2024

Scrosoppi get their equalizer late and Woodbridge has to settle for a point

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In a match that had two of the unbeaten League1 sides facing off against each other, it definitely did not disappoint for the everyday spectator.

Both teams came out to play, with both sides bringing arguably their strongest lineups, understanding the importance of the match and the outcome a poor showing could have on their respective seasons. 

About midway through the first half, Scrosoppi were awarded a golden opportunity, with Tomasz Skublak, last year’s League1 leading goal scorer granted a penalty shot and an opportunity to take the lead for his team. Unfortunately for Scrosoppi, Dante Ferraro made a massive save to keep the score level going into the half. 

A half time sub saw Anthony Morano and Exposes Kadiebue coming in for the strikers, which turned out to be a massive sub as in the 73rd minute, Kadiebue calmly slotted home a goal and gave the strikers the lead. 

However, Tomasz Skublak was not going to go without his goal, and only 7 minutes later in the 80th minute, he got on the end of a header and tied the game up, making it 1-1 and that’s the score that would hold until the end of the match.

All in all, an exciting match for both sides, but both teams will be disappointed not to go home with 3 points.

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