Client Centric Approach to Digital Media

We are a family run business with an eye for capturing the true emotions, feelings and depth of all sporting events. We aim to build close knit relationship with all of our clients and allow them to represent and showcase themselves in the best way possible all while creating long lasting memories. 


Creativity: We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity in sports storytelling, capturing dynamic moments that resonate with the energy of the game.

Quality: Our commitment to excellence ensures that every sports photo, video, and live-streaming service we provide is of the highest quality, reflecting the intensity and excitement of the sporting world.

Passion: Fueled by a genuine passion for sports, every project is approached with enthusiasm, dedication, and a love for showcasing the athleticism and spirit of the game. We become fans of every club, team or organization we work with.


Cloud North Visuals is dedicated to advancing the art and impact of sports storytelling through unparalleled creativity, quality, and innovation.

With a passion for capturing the essence of athletic moments, our mission is to provide client-centric sports photography, videography, and live-streaming services that not only meet but exceed the dynamic needs of the sports community.

Rooted in integrity and driven by collaboration, we strive to elevate the sports narrative, delivering cutting-edge visual experiences that resonate with authenticity and inspire lasting connections.

Our Team

Juan Almada

Lead Videographer juan@cloudnorthtv.com

Santiago Almada

Lead Photographer

Florencia Almada

Gabriel Almada

Alex Christie

Videographer alex@berlinfa.com

Zhengda Lu

Graphic Designer design@cloudnorthtv.com

Carolina Almada

Operations Manager carolina@cloudnorthtv.com

Dhrupal Vagela

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