Oakville Blue Devils 3-3 Woodbridge SC: Report – League1 Premier

Last night, we got the opportunity to cover the first League1 matchup for Oakville Blue Devils, who played host to Woodbridge SC at Sheridan College and it did not disappoint! 

The match started off fast paced and intense, with both teams exchanging chances. In the 17th minute, Luca Pinto was taken down in the box and Ronaldo Marshall made no mistake, slotting home his second goal in two games and his first of the League1 season. Shortly after, in the 36th minute, Marshall would connect a header off a Joe Mac cross to make it 2-0 for the away side and it looked like it was smooth sailing for Woodbridge.

However, in the 38th minute, Oakville would strike back with Ethan Miskolczi getting to the end of a cross and getting a goal back for Oakville going into the halftime break. In the 50th minute,  Samer Hamade stunned the Woodbridge squad, connecting on another cross and bringing his side level at the 50th minute and it was all to play for.

The rest of the game was very contested, with both sides trading shots, saves, tackles and yellow cards. After a crucial save by Dante Ferraro in the 87th on a breakaway, in the 89th minute off another set piece play, Pat Perriel would give Oakville Blue Devils a late lead off another header goal. It looked like it was game set and match, but late substitute Anthony Morano had other ideas and scored off a cross in the 91st minute to give Woodbridge a well deserved point and finish the game. 

An exciting start to the season for both sides! Looking forward to covering more games for both teams in the near future. Check out some of the goals below.

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