FCY NY vs FC Berlin – Preview

Berlin faces a friendly foe in UPSL WNY semifinals

Sonny Simpson celebrates after scoring against FCY New York on May 25th - This game ended 4-4

FC Berlin is getting ready for what will surely be their most important game so far. Between them and the UPSL Western NY finals, they will find a very familiar opponent in FCY New York. Berlin arrives to the semifinal on a season-high OT win over Amlima FC last Wednesday, whereas FCY New York got a bye due to having finished the regular season in second place.

This promises to be a highly entertaining match, something that these two teams have us used to. Coaches Santiago Almada and Jaime Ward have rostered the following players:

1 – Dan Fiegel GK
2 – Alfonso Madrigal
3 – Alex Khademi
4 – Justin Madejski
5 – Obie Casson
6 – Charlie Stewart
7 – Dennis MG
8 – Calvin Kron
9 – Gabriel Cavalcante
10 – Luca Buscaglia
11 – Chris Cox
12 – Matheus Spina
13 – Sean Burke
14 – Jason Hernandez
15 – Ben Schmidt
16 – Brett Springer
17 – Malik Watson
18 – Alex Babol

The game will kick off at 1:30 PM EST and will take place at Coyer Field in Buffalo, NY. It will be streamed live HERE

The other semifinal will also take place tomorrow, at 2:30 PM EST, and it will feature Rochester NY FC vs Syracuse FC, at RNY FC Complex

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