Cloud North FC Player Spotlight – Cloey Uddenburg, Simcoe County Rovers

Cloey Uddenburg - Simcoe County Rovers, Purdue University


We want to highlight a few of the players that are representing @cloudnorthfc this summer and wearing our CNFC Mini Shins during their games ‼️

Our next interview was with Simcoe County Rovers player and captain Cloey Uddenburg. Cloey has been an integral part of the Simceo County midfield for the last two seasons and recently completed her transfer to finish out her collegiate career at none other than Purdue University.

Check out the interview below 👇

What motivates you to play?

Cloey: What motivates me is the process and my family. The process comes with highs, lows, lessons, and memories and it’s the process that motivates me to continue playing the sport I love. And of course, my family does. Growing up with a family who has always supported me is what motivates me to play.

What do you do to prepare for matchday?

Cloey: My matchday preparation occurs everyday. The days leading up to gamely/season are what matters. Preparing for me means training, doing recovery, eating good, and ensuring I am mentally and physically prepared.

What’s your goal for this season?

Cloey: My goal this season is to improve a few areas of my game that need improvement. I have set specific goals to achieve for myself but also for the team.

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