Cloud North FC leaves a mark at the Ontario Futsal Cup

Cloud North FC had an unforgettable debut at the Ontario Futsal Cup over the weekend of Feb 27/28. Representing the Grand River Soccer Club, our women delivered inspiring performances, coming close to reaching the final had luck been in their favor.

In the opening match, CNFC faced eventual cup champions Windsor Caboto in a thrilling encounter, marked by a flurry of goals and lead changes. Despite the tough competition, Cloud North emerged victorious with an impressive 10-9 win.

The second game saw CNFC surprising everyone with an early 5-2 lead against perennial cup winners GS Scarborough. Despite Murphy’s exceptional seven-goal performance and Maddie Sloan’s stellar goalkeeping, CNFC couldn’t maintain their lead, eventually losing 7-8. This game was highlighted by Sam Murphy’s remarkable header goal—a rare sight in futsal.

In the third match, a depleted CNFC squad faced a strong Burlington side, suffering a 5-11 defeat after initially leading 3-1. The physical toll of the day was evident, with injuries and fatigue affecting the team’s performance.

The final game against Elite FC from Ottawa saw CNFC taking an early lead once again, but they were unable to hold on, ultimately losing 4-2 in a fiercely contested match.

Despite not achieving the desired outcome, it was a remarkable weekend for the debutant team, marked by inspiring performances and impressive goals.

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